Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fair Trade

A few months ago another Etsy seller jarck101 (a.k.a. Lisa) and I made a trade. I had chosen many of her items as birthday presents for our daughters and she found a bracelet of equal dollar amount that she liked. It happened to be one of my favorite pieces in composition, colors and photography. A bittersweet trade. I was happy to see it find a home though.

Upon receiving her new bracelet, Lisa wrote me this message...

Hi Misty!
The bracelet came in the mail today and I put it right on. I LOVE IT! Oh, I really love it! It is perfect in every way///the colors the style the crafsmanship. The colors look great on my tawny skin, and I love the chunky, funky beauty of it! I used to buy wonderful jewelry like this 20 years ago, but haven't since then as I went through a divorce, was a single mom, my new husband retired and then had health just got in the way and I lost touch of this "fun" side of me. Girlfriend...I think you just woke up the fun part of doing something for myself! Thank you, thank you!
I was feeling guilty after I agreed to trade because I was doing this for me and me alone.......but no longer! Thank you! I think I got the better end of the trade! I hope your daughters like the bags...but they collectively can't possibly be as happy as I am with this beautiful bracelet! I love it, thank you!


I've heard wonderful things about how people like my jewelry before. I love pats on the back and the enjoyment people have in wearing their new, unique piece. But this letter, made my day, week and month! I know what it's like to have life take over and forget about being pretty, or doing something just for myself. It's hard to think of that when our lives are encompassed by children, spouse, and daily "to-do's".

Warm Summer Flower - Jewerly Pouch by jarck101

So far, our daughters DO love their birthday presents. They go so well with last years gift of interchangeable earrings and each one was selected with their individual personalities in mind. Maybe "they collectively can't possibly be as happy" but that is alright with me. This one trade made Lisa happy and will continue to do so everytime she wears her bracelet and will make our daughters happy all through the year as we deliver their gifts and hopefully as they continue to use them.
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