Thursday, February 14, 2008

Make New Friends

Today I joined two Etsy teams. I LOVE Etsy and have really enjoyed the past 6 months there. I'm sure the next 6 months and beyond will be even more fulfilling.

The first group I've associated myself with is Idaho Indie Works. "...a group of local Etsians who want to work together to help grow our businesses and bring awareness to the importance of buying handmade."

I love that they meet and actively participate with each other to bring awareness of each others work, Etsy, and the Handmade movement to the state of Idaho.

The other group I joined is EtsyMoms. "...dedicated to promoting women artists and crafters who also share the joy of being mothers. Some of our members work from home, some work from other places, but we all share a love of creating beautiful, useful, artful things. Our goal is to create a forum where these creative EtsyMoms can inspire each other, discuss our work, share the success of juggling kids at home, with housework, jobs and creating for our etsy shops, as well as marketing ideas for, advertising and promotional opportunities, and maybe make a few friends along the way."

I especially love that this group celebrates motherhood and requests family friendly posting. I appreciate that.

These two groups are not so different in their ultimate goals. I can't wait to get to know these folks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've just finished my "New Boho" collection! A couple of years ago, I bought a jewelry kit for my older daughter. These beautiful stickers were left over. Lately, my typewriter key box has been overflowing with keys that I'll probably not use a lot like B, G, and M. I'd rather do something creative with them than make a random bracelet or sell them. I added some matching beaded charms and this collection came to life.

The Bracelet...

Bracelet Detail...

The Earrings...

The Pendant...

I have listed these on in my Etsy shop -

I have some lampwork beads that I will be listing on Ebay, also under GemmaBeads.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Who is GemmaBeads?

GemmaBeads is my little jewelry and bead design venture. I chose the name Gemma for a few reasons. Gemma is an anagram of my family's names initials. I work with gems. I live in the Gem State. And, a gemma is a new leaf bud capable of growth. I'm hoping my new little budding business will also be capable growth.

I want to use this blog to share new designs, inspirations and thought processes (which can be odd). I sell my creations nearly exclusively on Etsy. Once in a while I'll post a piece on Ebay. I belong to the bead group The BeadHive.

My jewelry creations are individual works of art. I use many mediums and techniques. My favorite beads to work with are Artisan crafted Lampwork glass beads and semi-precious stones. I use quality components and beads to put together one of a kind pieces. As with most creative types, I am always seeing thing differently. I love to alter dominoes - use the smooth back for my little canvas. These will be turned into pendants, brooches, magnets, etc. I love finding new ways to use beads and add beads too. Like hairsticks, cell phone charms, and so on. I love text and quotes and have found creating with antique typewriter keys a great way to combine this love with jewelry making.

I get inspired many different ways. Sometimes, as happened recently, I started thinking of lines from Willy Wonka and seeing those lines interpreted in jewelry.

SNOZZBERRIES - The lickable wallpaper bracelet.



I will be posting more as I have more to share. Feel free to drop me a line!
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