Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time Flies

It blows my mind that I haven't posted ANYTHING here since January! Can that even be right? It must be. I've done SO much since then. I usually work in spurts and sprees. Beading a few bracelets and earring pairs. Then switching to typewriter keys and making lots of things with them while I have the supplies out. Lately, I've been sewing. Not jewelry but clothes, baby blankets and curtains. I set up the sewing machine to do a couple of things and then got out more projects I'd been meaning to do. While doing those I thought of more that I could do. I might have to put all of this aside though and get back to beads. If you are into astrology, you can probably tell I am not a Libra. No balance at all! I am a Taurus. Fully into whatever my sights are on.

I've added a widget today - over at the top right. It's a scrolling display of my shop listings. I've tried clicking on it and love that it takes you right to the listing. Or you can scroll along and see what there is.

I hope to add more functions to the blog and more posts, more often. Thanks for taking the time to read this and please share it with your friends.

Here are some of my more recent creations...

Blue Crush



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